mercoledì 27 agosto 2008

Rilasciato Active Directory Provider 01.00.04

Sul blog ufficiale di DotNetNuke, Mike Horton annuncia il rilascio della versione 01.00.04 dell' Active Directory Provider. Grazie a questo provider è possibile configurare l'accesso degli utenti di DotNetNuke su un server Active Directory e sfruttare le utenze di un dominio Windows.

Di seguito la release note:

The fixes for this release are:
Changes/Fixes for this release:

ACD-5737 - Auto Authentication Not Working On Multi-Portal Installs

ACD-6760 - Default Profile Values Are Not Applied.

ACD-6960 - Server Bogs Down When Using Synchronization

ACD-7077 - Preferred Locale not populated on new account

ACD-7243 - Uknown UserCreateStatus value encountered. Parameter name: UserRegistrationStatus

ACD-7422 - Role Synchronization Not Working On W2K Domain Controllers

ACD-7748 - ActiveDirectory redirects web service files to the WindowsSignin.aspx file.

ACD-7532 - Typo in pop up help for email domain on windows auth provider config screen

ACD-7664 - Auto Login IP Addresses

ACD-8217 - Site Crashes Under Medium Trust

The only real visual change administrators will see is in the Auto Login IP Addresses. In the .03 version an administrator could put a partial IP address (e.g. 192.168) and any user that had an IP address that started with that would get logged in. Because of a flaw in my IP range logic (known as "sometimes the math didn't work out") only valid IP addresses are allowed. So 192.168 would need to be changed to to

Another significant change is that Role Synchronization should be much faster and consistent (in my testing it dropped to a 1/4 to 1/2 of the time it took before).

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