mercoledì 3 dicembre 2008

Roadmap for Documents Module 04.02.00

Oggi la notizia sul sito ufficiale di DotNetNuke delle nuove funzionalità che saranno introdotte a breve sul modulo DOCUMENTS alla versione 04.02.00

La data dell'effettivo rilascio non è stata definita con precisione, si parla di inizio 2009. Le funzionalità sono le seguenti:

DOC-5936 Modify User

Currently when modifying a document the Modified User is not updated, this will be resolved, to help track the individuals responsible for updates to module content.

DOC-8132 Search Integration

A modification to the integration of the module with the ISearchable interface will be completed that will add both the document title AND description data will be included in the content provided to the indexer. This will allow users to be exposed to more opportunities to find the documents they are looking for.

DOC-8381 Option for 100% width

To meet standards with DotNetNuke core modules 4.1.0 defaulted the display to 100% width, which was a breaking change for some designs. In an effort to provide customization a module setting will be added to allow users to enable/disable this feature.

DOC-8308 Implement IHydratable

In an effort to prepare for future changes and to improve the performance of the module the IHydratable interface is being implemented on all information objects to remove the need for reflection to hydrate document listings.

DOC-8617 Allow Paging

An optional paging feature will be added in this release, allowing users with long documents lists to show a paged set of results. By default paging will be disabled.

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