mercoledì 8 aprile 2009

Rilasciato DotNetNuke 4.9.3

Esce oggi una nuova versione di DotNetNuke che sempre più va verso una stabilità e una solidità maggiore. Infatti la maggior parte delle novità son bugfix e miglioramenti dal punto di vista della sicurezza.

Di seguito un estratto della news ufficiale:

Major Highlights

  • Add Office 2007 File Extensions to default allowable file extensions in Host Settings
  • Add reference to SQL Server 2008 to Install Wizard to make it clear that SQL Server 2008 is supported
  • Moved Whats New Module/Page to Host menu as it contains content which is not applicable to the Administrator
  • Corrected a problem with "Auto" installation option which would occur when using a non-dbo database user
  • Inline updates to Text/HTML were not HTML encoded when stored in the database
  • App_Browser renamed to App_Browsers in order for ASP.NET to recognize it incorrectly
  • Pages in the navigation menu linked directly to a file no longer served the file correctly
  • Can not delete Portal if search items exist in the database which are associated to the portal
  • Removed None Specified option for Folders in Page Export feature as it could cause an error if a user clicked Export without selecting a folder.
  • Fixed major performance issue when adding new portals which would cause the system to unload and reload all cached objects

Security Fixes

Updated Modules/Providers

The following modules and providers have been updated in the 4.9.3 packages.  Please see the specific project pages for notes on what bugs or enhancements were corrected with each release.


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