giovedì 1 ottobre 2009

Rilasciato DotNetNuke 5.1.4

E' stata rilasciata una nuova versione di stabilizzazione per DotNetNuke. La versione 5.1.4 sistema alcuni bug, aggiunge piccolissime novità e non ci sono fix di sicurezza.

Di seguito la release note:

Major Highlights

  • Added the ability to specify a subject line when emailing event viewer logs
  • Modified the event viewer to include event logs as email attachments when emailing the event logs
  • Added the ability to use dictionary objects for token replacement in system messages
  • Fixed an issue which caused an error whenever edititng the Site Settings.
  • Fixed issue which caused an error trying to retrieve a role group by name
  • Fixed an issue which prevented a skin from being able to be re-installed or uninstalled.
  • Fixed issue where Html module was displaying unpublished content
  • Fixed issue where URLs for pages within the site were always being created as relative which is a change from previous versions.
  • Removed solution explorer page from the Admin menu and removed the Marketplace feed from the OPML file.
  • Fixed issue with upgrading DotNetNuke 4.x skins when upgrading site to DotNetNuke 5.x
  • Fixed issue which resulted in incorrect URL for SiteMap in a child portal
  • Fixed issue which caused error when deleting files from the Host file manager.

Security Fixes

  • None

Updated Modules/Providers

The following modules and providers have been updated in the 5.1.4 packages. Please see the specific project pages for notes on what bugs or enhancements were corrected with each release.


  • HTML 05.01.04
  • Form and Lists 05.00.03
  • Forum 04.05.03


  • AspNetMembershipProvider 05.01.03
  • DNNMembershipProvider 05.01.03
  • FileBasedCachingProvider 05.01.03