lunedì 25 gennaio 2010

Events versione 05.00.03

Sul blog di DotNetNuke è di ieri l'annuncio del rilascio della nuova versione del modulo Events. Questo il link alla news ufficiale e di seguito il change log.


EVT-10308Today text in week view is localized
EVT-10311Swapping between cultures with different date formats no longer causes an exception
EVT-10313Subscription emails failed when user locale was not found
EVT-10328Various Events views did not pick up the container and skin applied to the module, due to the use of DNN Edit controls which by default use the admin skin/container. This has been changed.
EVT-10366Import .ics files to Google and Outlook 2003 failed. This has been corrected. Feature also enhanced, see Enhancements
EVT-10373Bug in Token Replacement for RSS resolved
EVT-10458Enrollment role can now be reset to 'None'
EVT-10525Disable FriendlyURLs no longer causes error when Event Detail New Page enabled
EVT-10529Edit button is now visible in Day View
EVT-10531Cookie date handling no longer fails in Cyrillic languages
EVT-10541PortalID is now set correctly for new events on other portals than portal 0
EVT-10562Correctly implemented EVT-8096 - observe sub-calendar permissions
EVT-10615List view no longer causes ReflectionPermission error if the site does not have ReflectionPermission
EVT-10624Apostrophe in Category name no longer results in no results when filtering
EVT-10626Changed Icon bar icon urls to make more reliable, since they could disappear under certain circumstances
EVT-10676Corrected url for SmallCalendar.gif, The urls in the module menu have \ not /. This causes a problem with OpenDNS which strips out \ in a URL.
EVT-10716Event detail view validation now only validates email address not whole page
EVT-10825Clicking on a search item will now correctly redirect to new page if EventDetailNewPage set
EVT-10838Module now handles situation where 0 events are generated from recurrence logic in add/update/upgrade
EVT-10951Signup related tokens are now available for the moderator action required email
EVT-11141Deleted owner no longer causes a problem in RSS feed
EVT-11178Fixed issue where editor disappeared in Google Chrome


EVT-9794Events are now sorted in the order they are entered within date/time
EVT-9830Event count can now be displayed in Month View No Cell Events by resetting template on existing installs
EVT-9976Added template for Week View title date format
EVT-10112Moderation actions no longer displayed if moderation not enabled
EVT-10330Tooltips now show when hovering over whole row in list and day views, and the event cell in week view
EVT-10439Added a setting to specify whether a fully enrolled event should still be visible or not
EVT-10563Added option to enable/disable sub-calendar view permissions
EVT-10616A setting to automatically enable or disable to specify the skin/container for views that defaulted to the site default skin
EVT-10669The update of portalid improved in upgrade scripts to allow for deleted modules
EVT-10752Improved the standard Themes for better working on different browsers by improving the .css files
EVT-10753Created variations in various colors of the standard Events theme and added minimalExtropy theme
EVT-10758Change print layout (default container print button) width to 90% with some margin
EVT-10860Enhance RSS feed: added guid and atom:link to RSS feed, also added an [IFHASIMAGE][/IFHASIMAGE] token pair, to enable hiding of image, since otherwise a blank href is generated. Updated RSS template to reflect.
EVT-10873Added setting to define maximum length of tooltip
EVT-10950Added tokens [events:signupdate] and [events:signupdatelabel] in the email templates


EVT-9278EventTimeBegin is dropped from IX_EventsSignups index
EVT-9991Updated all varchar fields to nvarchar to allow unicode
EVT-10194All fields in all Event tables are reviewed, constraints are added, null/not null, field type validated.
EVT-10274Removed dynamic SQL, and improved GetByRange performance
EVT-10441Centralised checking for event editor to ensure consistency
EVT-11205Improved performance by removing unnecessary calls to get user info when not authenticated

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