giovedì 21 gennaio 2010

Rilasciato DotNetNuke 5.2.2

E' appena stato rilasciata la versione 5.2.2 di DotNetNuke. Questa volta non si tratta solo di una versione che aggiorna e sistema qualche bug, ma di una versione che aggiorna anche i requisiti minimi. Come possiamo leggere nella nota ufficiale infatti sono necessari almeno Microsoft SQL 2005 e il framework 3.5 SP1 di Dot.NET.

Per il resto riporto di seguito la change-list.

Major Highlights
  • Fixed issue where tabname lookup's were case-sensitive and caused problems when loading controls.
  • Fixed issue where Captcha control did not include a value for the Alt attribute.
  • Fixed issue where the Create New Module wizard allowed the user to select an invalid 'Owner' folder.
  • Fixed issue where uninstalling a module with 'delete files' unchecked deletes the files anyway.
  • Fixed issue where GetMappedDirectory would log an exception during install.
  • Fixed issue where the Starter kit was missing the HTML module.
  • Fixed issue where the source package did not include the HTML module.
  • Fixed issue with missing databaseowner and objectqualifier tags in the 5.2.1 SqlDataProvider script.
  • Fixed issue where portal templates ceased working in 5.2.1.
  • Fixed issue with page quotas where GetTabCount stored procedure had not been updated for localization changes introduced in 5.2.0.
  • Fixed issue where Host email test fails but no email addresses are listed in the error message.
  • Fixed issue where temp files were left if extension installation was cancelled.
  • Fixed issue where Captcha was not regenerated if login failed.
  • Reverted syntax that grants stored procedure permissions to previous version, as GRANT EXECUTE TO was problematic on shared hosts.
  • Fixed issue where vendor registration email did not contain the vendor name.
  • Added the ability to specify a custom animation function for the Visibility Widget.
  • Updated title and help text to make optional for forcing a captcha for associating logins clearer.
  • Added documentation to the Dynamic Module template that is displayed when a new module is created using the template.
Security Fixes
  • None
Updated Modules/Providers
  • No modules or providers have been updated in the 5.2.2 packages.

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