giovedì 18 febbraio 2010

Rilasciato DotNetNuke 5.2.3

E' di oggi il rilascio della nuova versione di DotNetNuke. La 5.2.3 infatti è una versione importante perchè risolve numerosi bug, tra cui uno che permette l'escalation di un utente a superuser.

Di seguito le release notes:

Major Highlights

  • Fixed the issue where LinkClick.aspx links were incorrect for child portals
  • Fixed the issue with the PayPal URL settings.
  • Fixed the issue with logging into the site on 1st page load after upgrade.
  • Fixed issue where hosted jQuery did not use the correct protocol when SSL enabled.
  • Fixed issue with inconsistent file/folder permissions tests. Test now runs when the page is shown and user cannot progress until tests pass.
  • Fixed the issue with the SynchronizeModule in all install modes causing an object reference error.
  • Fixed issue where captcha control showed after successful registration if the SMTP settings were not correct
  • Fixed issue where error message failed to display if control was not created
  • Fixed the issue where the Portal name was hard coded as 'PortalName' when assigning modules to portals.
  • Fixed issue where security roles were not properly enforced between child portals.
  • Fixed issue where large/javascript heavy pages could suffer from an MS Ajax DeserializePrimitiveObject Invocation error
  • Fixed issue where the user is unable to change dbowner in the install wizard.
  • Fixed issue where spaces in control names caused error in new module control wizard
  • Fixed issue with allowing a blank database name in Installation Wizard.
  • Fixed the issue where the www. subdomain of a domain is not part of the portal aliases of a portal
  • Fixed issue where the Parent Tab was not showing in drop down if the user had no edit rights on it.
  • Fixed issue where list values in profile properties only work on Portal with PortalID=0
  • Fixed issue when unzipping files in the Host File Manager
  • Fixed issue where module message warning was not XHTML compliant
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes there were event log errors during installation from importing HTML modules.
  • Fixed issue where installer feedback was not using passed parameter to output feedback messages
  • Fixed issue with custom name space in Starter Kits.
  • Fixed issue where errors were logged during automated installs.
  • Enhanced create new module form to split file language and file name onto seperate lines, and updated help text
  • Fixed missing objectqualifer in dataprovider script which could fail to update installs without a default language
  • Updated data provider reference to use fully qualified typename which could cause compilation issues with third party modules in some rare instances.
  • Fixed validation error handling in new module wizard
  • Updated text on create new module screen to clarify that make new folder is only available on "New" option
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to create a module with a name or friendlyname the same as an existing package
  • Fixed issue where invalid control name could crash New Module wizard
  • Fixed the validation of Module Control Name when creating a new module manually.
  • Enhanced New Module wizard to make friendly name a required field.
  • When using the create new module you can specify a control with spaces e.g. "my control". Whilst this is valid for a control definition, as that is used to create the file and also the inherits statement an error is caused as neither of support spaces. To resolve we added code to remove spaces from control names as they're not allowed.
  • Modified Install Wizard so that all tests must pass before installation may proceed. Tests are conducted either on entering the page or on clicking the Next button.
  • Updated layout and help text of the "Create New Module" form and added some code to remove spaces from module names to ensure only valid files are created.
  • Added the ability to use the PayPal sandbox for validating PayPal configuration

Security Fixes

Updated Modules/Providers

The following modules and providers have been updated in the 5.2.0 packages. Please see the specific project pages for notes on what bugs or enhancements were corrected with each release.


  • Events Module 05.00.03


  • none