martedì 20 aprile 2010

Rilasciato DotNetNuke 5.4.0

Diversi bug fixes e alcune novità sono ora disponibili con la nuova versione di DotNetNuke (la 5.4.0).
Tra i fix più importanti c'è l'estensione della compatibilità con il framework 4.0 e alcuni fix sulla sicurezza.

Di seguito la release note.

Major Highlights

  • Fixed issue where portal settings were not saved per portal.
  • Fixed issue with User Profile and Custom Registration modules
  • Fixed issue with importing page templates.
  • Fixed issue with updating Site Settings.
  • Fixed issue with System.Web.Extensions dependencies when running in ASP.NET 4.0
  • Fixed the View Profile module so it displays a message if it is placed on a page which is not defined as the Portal's profile page.
  • Fixed issue with content list module not being added to search results.
  • Fixed issue with yellow screen on some upgrades.
  • Fixed issue where the registration email was being sent to the user being registered instead of the admin user.
  • Fixed issue with missing fields in new vw_PortalsDefaultLanguage View
  • Ported TelerikEditorProvider to Community Edition
  • Included latest release of Telerik controls.
  • Ensured compatibility with ASP.NET 4.0 runtime.
  • Modified code to use more efficient string comparison methods.
  • Improved performance of GetTabPermissionsByPortal stored procedure.
  • Improved efficiency of core object caching.
  • Improved performance by pre-compiling commonly used regular expressions.
  • Ribbon Bar Control Panel –The new ribbon bar control panel provides content contributors with more editing options in a highly convenient format, allowing users to create pages, install new modules, edit content, and preview pages more quickly and easily than ever before.
  • Added support for localizing portal details.
  • Security Fixes
  • System mails stored in cleartext in User messaging
Updated Modules/Providers

  • The following modules and providers have been updated in the 5.2.0 packages. Please see the specific project pages for notes on what bugs or enhancements were corrected with each release.


  • Form and List Module 05.01.02

  • Telerik Html Editor Provider 05.04.00

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