giovedì 20 maggio 2010

Rilascito DotNetNuke 5.4.2

E' stata appena rilasciata una nuova versione di DotNetNuke. Si tratta della release mensile dedicata a stabilizzare il prodotto. Con questo rilascio vengono infatti sistemati diversi bug e ottimizzate alcune prestazioni. Di seguito la release note.

Major Highlights

  • Improved performance of Sql script for listing modules by portal.
  • Improved DeleteModule method to handle instances where object may be null.
  • Increased the size of the Admin - Pages list box to cater for sites with a large number of pages.
  • Updated the Installation Wizard's Polish & German language packs.
  • Fixed issue with emailing Vendor details to the Admin and conformation details to the Vendor.
  • Fixed issue where Sitemap does not work if globalisation culture is a culture that uses comma as separator
  • Fixed issue with missing type specification in SiteMapSettings.
  • Fixed issue where upgrade fails when site has a non-'en-US' default language
  • Fixed issue with link editor showing pages the user does not have View permissions for.
  • Fixed issue with registration emails not being sent from Child Portals.
  • Fixed issue with Role update email not beiung sent to the user.
  • Fixed issue where default tabs for Site Settings were not created when creating settings for a new language.
  • Fixed issue where localization upgrade script was incorrect and could result in error on upgrade.
  • Increased the number of Users that a DNN installation can handle to 2.14 billion.
  • Fixed issue where localization updates were not properly applied to individual portals.
  • Fixed an Issue, where Language Editor returned to Language List on update of any file.
  • Fixed issue with jQuery not loading early enough.
  • Fixed issue with email sending not recognizing HTML properly.
  • Fixed issue with port numbers in email address during installation.
  • Fixed issue with passing connection information to Sql Module.
  • Fixed issue where the User Skin object was ignoring the ShowUnreadMessages attribute
  • Fixed issue where the profile ImageEditControl datatype was only added to Portal 0.
  • Fixed issue with url formatting when no context exists. Adding "http" is fallback position.
  • Removed "obsolete" state from DotNetNuke.Services.Mail.Mail.Sendmail.
  • Fixed rare issue where the install wizard could leak useful database connection information under certain conditions.
  • Fixed issue where messenging module failed to filter for dangerous html/script.
  • Security Fixes

Install Wizard Information Leakage (DNN 2010-04-L)
HTML/Script Code Injection Vulnerability in User messaging (DNN 2010-05-L)
Updated Modules/Providers

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