venerdì 20 agosto 2010

Rilasciato DotNetNuke 5.5

E' stato da pochissimo rilasciato DotNetNuke 5.5  con la novità della localizzazione completa dei contenuti anche grazie allo strumento di traduzione. 

Ci sono anche tante altre novità ... ecco di seguito la release note:

Major Highlights

  • Added Content Localization support
  • Added new wrappers for additional Telerik controls
  • Improved performance by updating Data Access Block.
  • Updated Telerik components to latest release.
  • Added core Unit Tests to the source code package
  • Added new Default Visibility setting for Profile Properties.
  • Added ability to suppress auto-injected Module css class.
  • Added new Settings and Configuration properties to base Presenter class.
  • Improved logging during upgrades.
  • Added support for Media element in styles skin object.
  • Fixed issue which prevented system from running correctly when using alternate port number
  • Fixed issue with portals not being created after upgrade.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect AdministratorRoleId could be added leading to UI incorrectly showing "padlock" icons in permissions grid
  • Fixed issue with welcome emails not being sent if system is set to use a double byte langugage.
  • Fixed issue with viewing Profile picture.
  • Fixed portal creation so User profile page is set correctly.
  • Fixed broken link to verify language resources.
  • Fixed issue with Host updating Site Settings.
  • Fixed issue with HTML module's database level dependency on the Modules.ModuleTitle field.
  • Fixed issue with Host/Admin being able to disable all languages.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to have a disabled portal default language by enabling the applicable values on upgrade.
  • Fixed issue with User Profile Image not showing.
  • Fixed issue with Tab Order starting at -1 when hard deleted from Recycle Bin.
  • Fixed issue where an exception occurred when editing page settings of a disabled language (that once had been enabled)
  • Fixed issue with File Manager when adding new folders, no longer have to Click the root folder first.
  • Fixed parent drop down in edit page settings so that users who have edit rights, bt are not Administrators get None Specified option.
  • Fixed issue with Profile Image Control.
  • Fixed issue where wrong portalid was used if accessing site settings via host->portals menu. This could display the wrong set of languages for a portal and lead to portal display language being incorrectly updated.
  • Fixed issue with GetTabPaths Stored procedure to handle null culture pages correctly.
  • Fixed issue with case insensitive fonts in Captcha control.
  • Fixed issue with Telerik editor file management.
  • Fixed issue with exception thrown when creating new languages.
  • Fixed issue where host vendors did not allow selection of an image from a host folder.
  • Fixed issue with upgrades when there are deleted portals.
  • The Edit Profile link in the View Profile should redirect to the Manage Profile page.
  • Fixed issue where language editor page size was not defaulting to 10 as required.
  • Fixed issue with SendMail removing HTML formatting.
  • Fixed issue where anonymous users were not respecting the browser default language setting for current locale
  • Updated CoreSitemapProvider to use the ModifiedDate of the Tab and Modules on the Tab for the LastModified date for the PageUrl.
  • Verify Language Resources to Verify Language Resource Files to match the wireframes for the Content Localization project.

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