giovedì 15 dicembre 2011

Rilasciati DotNetNuke 6.1.2 e 5.6.6

Sono appena state rilasciate le nuove versioni di DotNetNuke, la 6.1.2 e la 5.6.6, che presentano diversi fix interessanti con i quali mi sono scontrato e che erano assolutamente necessari.

Di seguito la release note ufficiale:

Major Highlights

  • Added a date picker control to prevent users from entering the wrong date format when assigning security roles to users
  • Fixed issue with deleting the homepage of secondary languages when using Content Localization
  • Fixed issue with SSL and popups that caused the website to load in Popup
  • Fixed issue when using Windows authentication after upgrading to DNN 6.0
  • Fixed RadEditor Localization issue
  • Fixed issue with the sitemap generating TabId's instead of friendly URL's
  • Fixed issue in Site Settings that prevented admins from updating fields
  • Fixed Ribbon Bar issue related to apostrophe in Localization
  • Fixed XHTML Compatibility issues in SkinController.cs
  • Removed hard coded settings from the Banner SkinObject

Security Updates

  • Fixed issue where setting up a site with insufficient permissions would show an unauthorized access error.
  • Fixed issue where cached failed passwords could theoretically be retrieved from browser cache.

Updated Modules

  • File Manager Module
  • HTML Editor Module
  • Newsletter Module
  • Banners Module

Updated Providers

  • RadEditor Provider