giovedì 5 aprile 2012

Rilasciato DotNetNuke 6.1.5

Rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per DotNetNuke, versione 6.1.5, che risolve un gran numero di bug.
Di seguito la release note ufficiale:

Major Highlights

  • Fixed issue that stopped users from creating vocabularies when the portal ID was not zero
  • Fixed issue that caused modules configured to be displayed on all pages to be added to the wrong container in new pages
  • Fixed page quota restriction issue in the Ribbon Bar
  • Removed restriction that would not allow users to use a dash in page names. Now users can create pages with names like "site-map"
  • Fixed issue that was causing the wrong container to be loaded in modules when in edit mode
  • Fixed exception thrown in modulesettings.ascx.cs when the start or end dates are before the current date
  • Fixed ordering problem when restoring pages with children from the recycle bin
  • Fixed issue when applying a skin and a container to the host pages from the Pages module
  • Fixed issue when a page is given a name that ends with the word "install"
  • Fixed issue where the delete folder action did not function as expected in the Image Manager
  • Fixed issue that caused pop up not to close when the retrieve password action was cancelled
  • Fixed UI issue in the HTML Editor Manager
  • Fixed issue in the DDRMenu when pages are set to hidden
  • Fixed error logged when Banners were clicked
  • Fixed issue in LinkClick when port numbers are used
  • Fixed issue in SiteWizard.ascx where the "SelectedValue" is set to an invalid attribute
  • Fixed issue where SendPassword.ascx fails because the ReturnURL was not specified in the querystring
  • Fixed issue in the Search Input Settings page when the module was manually added to a page
  • Added module load exceptions to the event log
  • Fixed issue when creating extensions from Host > Extensions
  • Fixed issue in the Site Settings when single quotes were being treated as escape characters
  • Fixed issue with PDF's getting corrupted when sending them as attachments in the Newsletter Module
  • Fixed font styling issues in the installation flow
  • Fixed issue when adding modules to single culture pages and Content Localization is enabled
  • Fixed error when accessing the online help from the tools menu
  • Fixed issue where the Telerik editor removes html tags from pages
  • Removed unnecessary confirmation dialog when unzipping folders
  • Fixed error logged when uninstalling modules
  • Fixed issue in the DDR Menu that was causing rendering issues when visiting the site using a mobile device
  • Back-Ported the Site Redirection Management Module to CE
  • Enhanced the UX in the Site Configuration Wizard
  • Enhance the UX in the Create Page Wizard
  • Migrated from the WURFL device data repository to the 51Degrees data repository

Updated Modules

  • Pages Module
  • DDR Menu
  • HTML Editor
  • Device Detection Management Module

Updated Providers

  • none