venerdì 27 luglio 2012

Rilasciati DotNetNuke 6.2.1 e 5.6.8

Come promesso sono state rilasciate le nuove versioni di DotNetNuke. Si tratta di un maintenance update che risolve diversi bug.

Ecco di seguito il changelog ufficiale:

Major Highlights

  • Fixed issue in the return URL after a user is shown the login screen when accessing an unauthorized resource
  • Fixed issue that stopped super users from being shown in the auto-suggest user lookup function in the member directory module
  • Fixed issue when sending bulk emails and localization is enabled
  • Added localization keys to the filter settings in member directory
  • Added localization keys to the user profile menu
  • Fixed issue that cause the newsletter module to not function properly in child sites
  • Fixed issue in the member directory advanced search option where settings were not used correctly
  • Fixed UI issue in the user profile when using IE 7
  • Fixed language packs installation issue when the product is installed using the auto option
  • Fixed issue where the language, if different from English, is not set as the default language after installation
  • Fixed backward compatibility issue when using language packs for previous versions of the product
  • Fixed issue in the profile when single quotes are used
  • Fixed issue when creating pages with a pound "#" in the name
  • Fixed issue that stops the install wizard when a language pack has errors
  • Fixed UI issue when uploading a logo
  • Fixed issue that stopped forge modules from being deployed through the extensions catalog
  • Fixed issue in when page names contain dots
  • Improved performance when accessing user permissions
  • Fixed issue that stopped super users from uploading icon files
  • Fixed issue when creating the path for the icon in custom desktop modules
  • Fixed issue in the HTML editor that was causing links to not work when tracking clicks
  • Fixed issue in Social Groups where users were not shown as group members when upgrading from previous releases
  • Fixed styling issue in the Journal when importing links information
  • Fixed object reference error when calling SaveMessage in MessagingController.cs
  • Fixed knockout exception in the MyProfile template
  • Fixed issue when upgrading from 4.9.5 to the latest version
  • Fixed issues with JavaScript in the user biography
  • Fixed issue that stopped additional profile properties to be displayed in the member directory after modifying the template
  • Fixed issue that caused the password fields to be cleared after selecting the country during registration
  • Fixed issue in the file manager that stopped users from creating folder mappings
  • Fixed the can not create type 'DotNetNuke.Modules.Journal.ProfilePic' error when using DotNetNuke.Modules.Journal.dll
  • Improved the performance of the login control
  • Fixed issue in the DDR Menu that was causing rendering issues when visiting the site using a mobile device
  • Updated the Dark Knight skin to use HTML5 as the doctype and dded HTML5 doctype as an option under fallback skin doctype

Security Updates

  • Fixed issue that caused the database to fail to distinguish between "deny" and "allow" folders and could potentially reveal the names of folders the user did not have access to.
  • Fixed issue that made possible to use a specially crafted URL to directly load a module, and due to a flaw in the logic, at that time the module permissions were not correctly loaded, but instead the page permissions were applied.
  • Improved data sanitation in the lists module that could lead to a reflective cross-site scripting (XSS) issue.
  • The Journal module allows a user to post a link to an image they have previously uploaded.

Updated Modules

  • Newsletter Module
  • File Manager Module
  • Pages Module
  • HTML Module
  • Journal Module
  • Member Directory
  • Social Groups
  • Device Preview Management Module

Updated Providers

  • Google Authentication Provider
  • Facebook Authentication Provider