lunedì 16 giugno 2014

Rilasciato DotNetNuke 7.3

Si tratta forse di uno dei rilasci più attesi e più importanti dell'ultimo anno. Con questa versione, la 7.3, DotNetNuke diventa ancora più stabile, risolvendo oltre 400 bug, ma soprattutto più veloce. Sono state infatti apportate notevoli modifiche al codice al fine di alleggerire le dimensioni delle pagine con un guadagno di oltre il 25% sulla dimensione, grazie anche all'eliminazione di variabili di viewstate non utilizzate.

Ho effettuato dei primi test su una istallazione di DNN facendo l'aggiornamento dalla versione precedente ed effettivamente si nota un incremento di prestazioni. Se avete voglia di approfondire l'argomento c'è un post interessante che illustra i test fatti sul campo.

Di seguito la release note ufficiale.
Page markup reduction - intelligent resource management
  • Removal of unnecessary Viewstate – Home page 4005 bytes down to 90 bytes
  • YSlow base score improvement (7.2.2 80/Grade C -> 7.3.0 93/Grade A)
  • 25% reduction in Page size for Home page requests.
Extra caching and streamlining of database calls
  • Reduce database activity in high transaction scenarios
  • Granular management of objects in cache to reduce cache rebuilds
New 51 Degrees implementation
  • New lookup algorithm 100x faster
  • Zero memory consumption
  • Can be disabled if required
Admin UI Updates for increased Admin page load speed
  • File picker/upload control updated for drag/drop
  • Permissions Grid optimized for active roles only
Add Module Control bar improvements
  • Bookmarking for favorite Modules
  • Search feature for finding modules
  • Lazy load feature to speed panel load
  • Improved scrolling
Scheduled Tasks Improvement
  • More granular control over jobs including ability to set a start date/time
  • Delayed initialization for faster application startup
Folder Provider Improvements
  • Ability to create new sites with the site root Folder on remote storage – separating user data from application data.

lunedì 24 marzo 2014

Rilasciato DNN Platform 7.2.2

Il punto su cui si concentra questo ultimo rilascio è quello di fornire un valore straordinario in materia di affidabilità, sicurezza, prestazioni, e user experience. Di seguito la release note e il link al download

* fixed issue where Display Name was editable when when a Display Name format was specified* fixed issue with Portal Templates and modules that are configured to Display On All Pages* enhanced so that system confirmation is required when Unregistering a User Account* changed default module output caching provider from disk to memory* ensure that system modules are identified in the system so they cant be uninstalled* added a querystring parameter that allows you to hide the control panel* added a detailed message when deleting a page with child pages* added an alternate link with "hreflang" to sitemap.aspx for multilingual websites* disabled autocomplete on password strength controller* advanced search tags allow html/script and can break rendering* fixed issue where exceptions were thrown if old user profiles are missing during indexing* fixed Journal API to allow edited Comments to be liked* if a custom Register page is specified, prevent user from browsing to Register.aspx* fixed JavaScript error in Digital Asset Manager module in IE8* changed tokens in module creator templates so they do not show up as errors in Visual Studio* added a confirmation prompt when deleting modules from Page Management* fixed Site Management so you can filter by "ALL"* fixed thread safety issue in DotNetNuke.Common.Utilities.ImageUtils where _imgWidth and _imgHeight were statics* fixed link to app gallery* fixed ability to specify an Upload To location when uploading files* fixed issue with IconBar in DNN 7.2.0+* reduced scope of dnn.DropDownList.css* improved performance of Update Host Settings which caused too many cached objects to be removed* fixed Password Reset so that it is hidden after a duccessful entry* improved editing style for SQL Module * allow Default skins to be removed* fixed exception when Editing a registered user for the first time* allowed sub*sub menus to be accessible in default skin* optimized indexes on Eventlog Table* allow password banned list to be disabled* allow Page URLs to contain spaces* fixed numerous typos in resource files* optimized indexes on TabModules table* optimized indexes on Tabs table* optimized indexes on Permissions tables* fixed deny permissions for Folder* added ability to add new Folder Provider* fixed error so that non*members can join a Private Group* optimized logic of numerous stored procedures and views* allow a custom URL with different domain* allow host user to set max upload size* fixed issue when switchinf to layout mode on Site Settings page* allow CAPTCHA to be used on reset password page* fixed Profile Picture Handler to work in SSL Offloading configuration* enhanced DDR Menu to be Touch Friendly for Mobile and Tablets * added basic Robots.txt in root folder* fixed Password Retrieval issue* fixed issue where Language detection was not working with advanced URL management* fixed issue where IUpgradable did not fire from a Library type extension* enhanced file upload control to support folders with large volumes of files* enhanced file upload to be able to upload from URL* fixed issue where additional parameters passed as string array in NavigateURL() and EditUrl() are ignored* optimized search query sent to Lucene* enhancement to allow separate modules to use the same module definition name

mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

Rilasciato DNN Platform 7.2.1

22 Gennaio 2014,
sul blog ufficiale di DotNetNuke spunta l'annuncio di un importante rilascio. Si tratta della versione 7.2.1
che migliora ancora in termini di sicurezza, prestazioni e user experience. In particolare, si tratta di una revisione globale del sistema di controllo di accesso.

Di seguito la release note ufficiale.

Major Highlights
  • fixed issue where .dnn7 manifest was not being utilized in module installation process
  • fixed issue where restored user could not change his profile avatar
  • added .ashx to regex filter for Do Not Redirect rule in advanced url management
  • added various SQL database optimizations contributed by Sebastian Leupold
  • fixed issue with rich text editor in Newsletters in Firefox
  • fixed copy page so that all properties are copied
  • fixed UI issue when managing Authentication providers
  • fixed browser compatibility issue when managing Available Modules in Site Settings
  • fixed defaults of billing and trial values when adding security roles
  • added a 404 page to the blank site template
  • fixed issue where config element in module manifest throws errors when XML Merge script is in separate file
  • fixed terminology when changing password as Administrator
  • fixed Console module so that it ignores pages that are not intended to be included in the menu
  • fixed access control so that Deny permissions always ovveride Grant permissions
  • fixed access control so that Navigate permission can be denied
  • enhanced permissions grid so that full control specification can not be overridden for specific permissions
  • enhanced control panel so that Stay In Edit Mode option is always available
  • make application FIPS compliant
  • fixed issue preventing DAM from being used in Group mode
  • fixed javascript issue in DNNMenuProvider
  • fixed access control so that module level permissions are observed for all individualpermission types
  • disabled field validation when changing countries during registration
  • ModuleSettingsPresenterBased now instantiates ModuleSettings and TabModuleSettings
  • fixed exception when composing new message to user
  • GetUserRoles will now return an empty list if the user is not valid
  • made Group pending notification URLs absolute
  • allow a user using the Windows Live authentication provider to be a member of multiple portals
  • removed inline style in Logo skin object
  • fixed Member Directory issue where the same user is displayed multiple times
  • added stored procedure to prevent error when uninstalling dashboard extension
  • improved Newsletters so you can send to Social Groups as well as Security Roles
  • fixed issue where page with a future publish date can not be edited
  • allow a user to specify both a date and time for publishing in module settings
  • fixed issue where UserInfo object did not contain LastIPAddress
  • fixed Site Group behavior so that Site Settings are populated with current portal properties
  • improved performance of loading folders that contain a large volume of files
  • fixed scheduler so that Application_Start is recognized when using Request mode
  • fixed search by tag functionality
  • fixed Users Online so that it is thread-safe
  • enhancement so that Google Analytics does not track admin or host user activity
  • enhanced Test SMTP options so that it tells you who the email was sent from and to
  • fixed issue preventing the closing of the "Welcome to Your Installation" pop up
  • search crawler enhanced to include host pages
  • fixed issue causing SendMail to crash when sending blank value for to, cc or bcc
  • fixed user profile so that users can view their friends profile info if security is set to Friends
  • fixed Splash page behavior
  • fixed issues where updating a journal item was creating a new record instead of updating existing one
  • fixed issue where upgrading from an older version was not cleaning up auth systems, providers and optional modules
  • enhanced uploading new extension experience to show progress indicator
  • fixed issue where User could not reply to Message
  • added new host setting to optionally disable critical error reports displayed in page
  • fixed upgrade issue if previous version of module creator was installed
  • fixed an issue where user folders were not deleted when a user was deleted