lunedì 24 marzo 2014

Rilasciato DNN Platform 7.2.2

Il punto su cui si concentra questo ultimo rilascio è quello di fornire un valore straordinario in materia di affidabilità, sicurezza, prestazioni, e user experience. Di seguito la release note e il link al download

* fixed issue where Display Name was editable when when a Display Name format was specified* fixed issue with Portal Templates and modules that are configured to Display On All Pages* enhanced so that system confirmation is required when Unregistering a User Account* changed default module output caching provider from disk to memory* ensure that system modules are identified in the system so they cant be uninstalled* added a querystring parameter that allows you to hide the control panel* added a detailed message when deleting a page with child pages* added an alternate link with "hreflang" to sitemap.aspx for multilingual websites* disabled autocomplete on password strength controller* advanced search tags allow html/script and can break rendering* fixed issue where exceptions were thrown if old user profiles are missing during indexing* fixed Journal API to allow edited Comments to be liked* if a custom Register page is specified, prevent user from browsing to Register.aspx* fixed JavaScript error in Digital Asset Manager module in IE8* changed tokens in module creator templates so they do not show up as errors in Visual Studio* added a confirmation prompt when deleting modules from Page Management* fixed Site Management so you can filter by "ALL"* fixed thread safety issue in DotNetNuke.Common.Utilities.ImageUtils where _imgWidth and _imgHeight were statics* fixed link to app gallery* fixed ability to specify an Upload To location when uploading files* fixed issue with IconBar in DNN 7.2.0+* reduced scope of dnn.DropDownList.css* improved performance of Update Host Settings which caused too many cached objects to be removed* fixed Password Reset so that it is hidden after a duccessful entry* improved editing style for SQL Module * allow Default skins to be removed* fixed exception when Editing a registered user for the first time* allowed sub*sub menus to be accessible in default skin* optimized indexes on Eventlog Table* allow password banned list to be disabled* allow Page URLs to contain spaces* fixed numerous typos in resource files* optimized indexes on TabModules table* optimized indexes on Tabs table* optimized indexes on Permissions tables* fixed deny permissions for Folder* added ability to add new Folder Provider* fixed error so that non*members can join a Private Group* optimized logic of numerous stored procedures and views* allow a custom URL with different domain* allow host user to set max upload size* fixed issue when switchinf to layout mode on Site Settings page* allow CAPTCHA to be used on reset password page* fixed Profile Picture Handler to work in SSL Offloading configuration* enhanced DDR Menu to be Touch Friendly for Mobile and Tablets * added basic Robots.txt in root folder* fixed Password Retrieval issue* fixed issue where Language detection was not working with advanced URL management* fixed issue where IUpgradable did not fire from a Library type extension* enhanced file upload control to support folders with large volumes of files* enhanced file upload to be able to upload from URL* fixed issue where additional parameters passed as string array in NavigateURL() and EditUrl() are ignored* optimized search query sent to Lucene* enhancement to allow separate modules to use the same module definition name

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